Der verschwundene Husky

Der verschwundene Husky

Three small, satisfied, husky doggies with their master went sleeping one night. But in the morning , the young man found only two of them in front of a cabin, the third one is missing. What to do now? Is he going to be able to search out his missing dog buddy and protect the rest against unknow danger? The young'un doesn't hesitate too long and sets off for to explore the snowy surroundings. At first he takes out a magnifying glass , which he uses for combing through the surroundings. Gradually he reveals recent events and proceeds. Der verschwundene Husky is a classic adventure game, where we control our hero using the arrow keys. Only by clicking on the object of our interest the youth either explores it using his magnifying glass or goes straight to the object. The game got precious graphic but the world consists of only few objects. Regrettably no music is included , without that the thrilling athmosphere is missing.

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Der verschwundene Husky Der verschwundene Husky Der verschwundene Husky Der verschwundene Husky Der verschwundene Husky

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lentamente um guisado para escapar de lento radiano para ficar bom da doença challenguiana
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