Hard Space

Hard Space

Captain of a starship Jack Hardin, hero, lover and playboy, has very difficult mission ahead. He has to solve very nasty things and that is all I am going to tell you. If you want to try a bit erotic but well made adventure, play this one.
Prepare for many riddles and technical solutions. After you learn a bit about the board and crew first problems come. This adventure is about collecting items, keeping them in the inventory and sometimes you have to combine them. Next are dialogues with the crew and exploring all the collected items. That is what you are going love and hate too. Good thing is a communicator that helps you solve many problems. First rule, explore everything using your eyes because every info is essential. The second rule is to save as often as possible. It is really not an easy game, you can choose from 3 difficulties but the easiest on is tough too. The graphic is cartoon so the erotic is not so erotic it is more about humor. Original and well-made adventure

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Hard Space Hard Space Hard Space

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