Lightning Master

Lightning Master

In this game you get hooked for a long time. First, there's a lot of locations, interesting story, but also many sophisticated puzzles . If you are fans of point-and-click adventure, you can directly download. Or better wait :-)
Even from a numerical evaluation can be estimated, not with everything I was satisfied. The specific things I focus on later. The actual game intro starting in 2027, then jump to 2008, later to be able to travel through time, for example, in 1968 (in this context might be pleasing to mention the occupation of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet troops, the main character recites :-)). It seems that the initial story is confused? It's okay, since it is a mysterious plot, on which the game is based. And to make matters worse, at the very beginning your car is stolen (which in 2008 is not so much mysterious) as well as the streets are completely empty. What the hell happened? It should come ye, and so begin to investigate. In principle this is a classic old adventure game, so you're looking for and collect objects that will be stored in inventory. No combination is possible, but do use them. And sometimes it turns out that the resulting action is utterly useless, the creator put it there somehow just for fun. As I mentioned, the city is deserted, and so long talks and gibberish won't bother, clues are hidden elsewhere. At least the objects are marked with a label, because the graphics are solid and sometimes as active objects are easily distinguished from the rest of the neighborhood, there is not. Up to this point, I was satisfied. Then came the exploring and walking. The hero's car was stolen at the beginning, which probably caused him to walk on the streets, mountains and other places on foot. Given how the city is vast, and at each location are usually two and sometimes three other paths, you will start lost and when you you know where you are going the way on foot takes long duration. Certainly, it should fit like something like a map, because going back and forth is a frustrating time. But the game is so designed, and sometimes on the same site you will find a new object, puzzle. That's another thing that I keep for this title. Whenever I wanted to wrap up, I saw a new path, or a new subject, new development going on, and again there was a motivation to continue. The game has its flaws, particularly the large environment without a map, but overall it ranks of the better bits. Try it yourself.

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Lightning Master Lightning Master Lightning Master Lightning Master Lightning Master

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