Sabina Jewelry 2

Sabina Jewelry 2

If you need to really relax and forget everyday worries, sit in a comfortable chair and start searching for lost objects, which belong to Sabina. She decided to clean the house thoroughly and get rid of unneeded things. Will you help her with the general cleaning?

The game is relatively short. If you expect countless levels, will be very disappointing when we see only four rounds. Children, when hunt for hidden objects maybe a little sweat, and therefore perhaps at their leisure.

Certainly we will not miss a truly hilarious and very sophisticated graphics, which is not inferior to any animated movie screen. Also here we may enjoy a pleasant tune that nicely draws us into action.

Well, how do we know lost items? Very easily. Just look at the top of the screen where all objects are clearly listed and keep disappearing, when found.

Also, we do not have any way to hurry, because the levels are not time limited and can not set the level of difficulty, which we find diversified the search.

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Sabina Jewelry 2 Sabina Jewelry 2 Sabina Jewelry 2

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