Torys Shop n Rush

Torys Shop n Rush

To work in a shop is in itself difficult and it doesn't matter, whether as cashier, or the warehouse staff. Here you can enjoy everything at once and immediately. Can you take care of the stock, serve customers and even clean up ugly footprints?

The basic range of your goods are kettles, hair dryers and lamps. Once the shop opens and customers start to visit, we have to do several things. When a customer comes to cashier, you prepare a checkout and take money from him/her. Pay attention, whether some of the goods on the shelf aren't sold out. If so, quickly add them. The advantage is that you can mark by number each task and the clerk will gradually work on it. So you may schedule the tasks ahead. Your main avatar is fast as hell, so it works effectively. When the day is over, the game offers you to extend the product range. Of course it costs some money, that you have previously hard-earned. It is up to you, if you are up to invest into broader goods available. Unfortunately, levels are somewhat similar, so the player only gradually encounters new heroes and other activities.

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Torys Shop n Rush Torys Shop n Rush Torys Shop n Rush Torys Shop n Rush Torys Shop n Rush

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