Free Solitaire World

Free Solitaire World

If you're bored, then no need to buy a teddy bear raccoon, but try this treatment solitaire. It is a very credible display of cards as well as the principle of pun, connect your brain and try to win the chance that your cards shuffled.

A freak offers very nice graphic design, that will delight any eye. The main part of the board take up cards piled up, where the last card is turned over so you can see its value. Others are backing the players. On the left of the screen is pile, from which you will gradually draw cards, and right there are four knolls , where the card will be placed from the ace up sorted by type. Then cross to cross, heart to heart, etc. The main pitfall of pun is that you do not happen to cards, which you need. The card on the board works as follows: Lay them descending, so that the colors changed. It is best to use all that placed directly on the board. From the pile take it up when it's unavoidable. Do not worry, it can be rotated endlessly. Often happens, however, that has nothing to assign to what. At that moment the game is over, because the cards that you need are probably under the ones with which you play. At best, the game ends when the last king is placed at the pile of identical species.

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Free Solitaire World Free Solitaire World Free Solitaire World

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