Solitaire Game Ultra

Solitaire Game Ultra

Cute plaything, which is simple so that children can handle it. Play with our dog friends and have fun with solitaire. Can you put together all the cards so that you ultimately have left only four lined knolls? Try it now and see that the Solitaire can be fun.

First, some of the rules. Those of you who haven't met with Solitaire, it certainly will soon understand. It is not at all easy. Before you lies cards in several groups. The last card in the group is turned to face you, so you can see its value. Above is knoll, from which you take. Lay up on the card itself according to its value in descending order. However you must combine the colors. Thus, for example, place red five on black six , etc. On the right are four piles sorted by color, here you place cards of the same type ascending. Then start ace and continue. If you do not have a card that would be handy, no problem, click on the left knoll, and it offers you a card, but there is no guarantee that this will be the ones you need. The game ends when you have exhausted all the cards and no move is left or if you have completed all the cards are sorted by type.

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Solitaire Game Ultra Solitaire Game Ultra Solitaire Game Ultra Solitaire Game Ultra

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