Not Tetris

Not Tetris

Tetris is everywhere and can anybody create with this concept anything original? Of course yes. Why not to take the original and totally change it? That is Not Tetris.
After the start you recognize the typical screen from Alexex Pjitnovs game. You choose the number of players, music style and start. But there is small trick after you rotate any piece it does not rotate in 90 degrees but it turns in movement until you give it another motion. So the goal of the game is not to make any solid line (you would not be able to do it definitely) but try to put as many pieces as possible int the game area. Funny is that the pieces that really help in the normal style are here nightmare. The graphic follows the steps of the original and the music is the same. Great idea and can be used for any party and I think we have found a new game for our team meeting during competition.

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Not Tetris Not Tetris

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