Season Match 2

Season Match 2

Welcome to a world full of butterflies, flowers and jewels. Overcome you enemies and collect as many gemstones, artifacts as possible and return victorious.
In each of the levels some opponent awaits you, for example an animal, mushroom or mystical creature. So you can meet snake or a bat that have more more gemstones than you. You task is to collect needed amount of stones and retrieve an artifact. What you have to do is that you try to find the biggest groups of the same kind, you click on them and the stones fall apart and if some barricades are around them vanish too. Sometimes the goal is to get only the artifact, sometimes you must get rid of all the obstacles. After each of this level you have a level where you try to find certain number of butterflies, flowers, or bottles with magic potion. The graphic is really high level and the music is very original.

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Season Match 2 Season Match 2 Season Match 2 Season Match 2 Season Match 2

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