Star Supremacy

Star Supremacy

The universe is always opened and offers, speaking about the web games, its own stories, planets, stars and galaxies. The same is in the newest star adventure called Star Supremacy.
The beginning is classically about choosing from three races (UEO, Altairian, Seeker). All are based on humans but each race has different background and attitude and they have special bonuses. What made me happy was opening test where you answered questions about acting is specific situations and how would you decide. The result is recommendation to play as one of the groups according your possible behaving, but you can change it of course.

The next step is choosing your home planet, where you begin. If you choose well you won’t be in minority but when choosing place where you don’t have players of the same race the late game can go very wrong.

Colony development and getting to sources

Describing the whole building offer, sources and material can be made by one word – classic. Those who have already played some kind of strategy game will be feeling like fish in the water and the newbies can learn quite fast here. The buildings are for production gaining food, fuel, ore and later special crystals. To keep them running you need energy end population. There are factories, trade centers, laboraty, farms, etc. – nothing is forget and nothing is special …. but one can be called special.

The income of the basic sources and material is very limited, I had this feeling. There, you have possibility to raid and conquer special neutral squares which produce the needed resources. At first you use your fleet to defeat the enemies and then you use a trade route to connect it with your colony. Trade routes are used to connect all your colonies as well and for this you need one special building with adequate level.

Your army is created with 4 types of spaceships and vessels. They need to be led by one leader. The special characters and stand behind one colony to make it produce more. Each of them has special skills and attributes that can be improved when they level up. The skills are extremely needed in the battles when you make them to use one specific. Every special move is strong against some and weak against other skills and it’s only up to you to guess that you have chosen well. The fights are in rounds. It’s interesting but very repetitive and the good variety of ships doesn’t help it much.

Good part is when you are creating your own design of ships according the technologies you have researched.

Snail tempo

From my point of view is this very negative but another half of player may like it. The game is extremely slow. Before you build your own colony, research basic stuff, make few ships and found new colony on the another planet, a lot of time pass. I’m speaking about weak and more and that’s only the beginning of the game. Until you join guild and fight in intergalactic battles there is month of playing. For me it’s just too slow but I know players who like it a lot.

Graphics and how the reviewer feels about the game

If I compare Star Supremacy with other similar games, I’m not disappointed or too happy with the visual part. It’s just completely average. The colonies look nice and the universe was created by talented person but the battles are boring only to watch. Don’t search for audio. The control was very pleasant and you learn quickly through mission and great tutorial. However, I got lost few times and had to search for one button. Overall the interface is good so it was probably just my mistake.

If you are part of players who want to play a browser game with time-proven content and where all takes some time then Star Supremacy is just the right choice for you. The others as me… let’s continue searching.

The stars and the universe lies here.



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Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Star Supremacy

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