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Prague will host the biggest Central European  game developers conference

Prague will host the biggest Central European game developers conference

Prague, the beautiful capital of Czech republic, will host the biggest Central European game developers conference called Game Developers Session. This event will take its place on 14 ­ 16 November 2014. Three day conference will host 500 developers from all European countries who can look forward to one day full with workshops and 2 conference days with plenty interesting talks from top game developers.

The conference which started as a small local game developers meetup has grown up into a big international event with this year 12th annual.

“We constantly strive to improve and push things forward,” says conference director Pavel Barak. “That's why we decided to go international and make our conference “a must” for all European indie game developers. We have a lot of great game developers here like Amanita Design, Bohemia Interactive, Madfinger Games, Warhorse Studios or others who are keen to share their knowledge so this years programme will consists of local developers talks and other European professionals.

Call for papers is now open, so if you have an interesting topic, case­study or post­mortem you would like to talk about, you are welcome to send your proposal. Then information about line­up and speakers will be revealed soon.

There are only 500 tickets on sale for this event. The price for the ticket is only € 55.

Conference website:


About the organizer

The conference is organized by an industry organization of czech game developers. Its main goal is to support the communication and cooperation between developers, educate and motivate the game creators and disseminate the Czech and Slovak game development in Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad.

For more information about the conference please contact:

Pavel Barák, conference director, phone: +420 773 591 047, e­mail:


Hynek Žalčík / UnHynek

Publikováno: 20.09.2014

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