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1.WesP65606.05.13 pm31 20:06
2.mack83908.05.13 pm31 19:43
3.Apofis88406.05.13 am31 09:37
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mack 839 / Score Anbot's Best 08.05.13 pm31 19:43
WesP 656 / Score Anbot's Best 06.05.13 pm31 20:06
Apofis 884 / Score Anbot's Best 06.05.13 am31 09:37
last update 24.4.2024 01:45:19


Anbot 2

Anbot 2

The sequel of very cute and sometimes difficult adventure with Anbot form who his girlfriend was taken. In every screen you have to deal with some logic riddle and get further. You mostly click on various items which are active and with the right timing and order they open the path for you. The fresh air is in action sections where you have to destroy the enemies.

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Anbot 2 Anbot 2

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