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Turbo Santa

Turbo Santa

Christmas, comes Christmas! Experience the wonderful atmosphere of a snowy American spirit, which along with Santa Claus you get a substantial increase in the alcohol on his sturdy sled. Maybe going to give out gifts today, who knows? But his eyes eagerly looks for a glass of good drink and some alcohol to try to obtain as quickly as possible. Scotch, good wine and whiskey are flying across the sky, so he can do nothing else than replace reindeer Rudolph with the proper springboard that it will soar him into the sky. There are three trials and in the case of alcohol thermometer filling to the edge, he will receive a special extra bounce. From time to time the forest critters will help a lot, which emerge from beneath the snow-covered hill. The more items he picks up, the better the items may then enjoy,when the upgrade.

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Turbo Santa Turbo Santa

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