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Abyss Walker

Abyss Walker

Quite intriguing plaything from the old Japan. Put yourself in the skin of your main hero - ninja and fill the tasks that you entered the old master. Travel the world and kill your opponents by all sorts of weapons. In the game there are five types of weapons, but not all are available at each level. Especially in the beginning, you just have to make do with a sword. The second part of your equipment will be all sorts of tricks that can save you from your enemies far more powerful than you are yourself. Example, you can disappear and sneak, so the intruder registers you at the last minute. Attention! Mission must always be met. If therein you perish, you will need to repeat it. Watch carefully therefore at the bottom line of life and line of of magicka. Abyss Walker has very nice graphics, easy to understand English of heroes is comprehensible even to less advanced, and the music does not sound bad at all.

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Abyss Walker Abyss Walker

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