Frostbite (saint11)

Frostbite (saint11)

We introduce you the winner of 48 hours competition Ludum Dare. Take a role of an abandoned solider who guards borders of one city. Go out and find you wife and warm places.
Platformer or action? I would say bot. The creator called saint11 plays with psychology, feelings and atmosphere. The whole journey to the city and your wife you are on the edge of exhausting, freezing to the death, psychological break and meeting dead bodies. You even meet several ghosts making you indecisive if the things around are real or not. You have to play to the end.
The most important thing is finding the heat sources because the temperature is you enemy. But there are more things that can harm you turning the game into survival style. The visual part is ok, you know it’s an 48 competition.

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Frostbite (saint11) Frostbite (saint11) Frostbite (saint11)

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