RaceRoom - The Game

RaceRoom - The Game

SimBin has created many fast and racing games and today they bring us something fantastic. At fir you have to create accoun, but it's free so no problem. After you start game you have to login and it's gaming time. In the menu you can see several modes - quick race, time attack and classic competition. The track is the same - Hockenheim in Germany. The cars are F1 racing car of Camero. To reach really nice positions you will need some practice. The driving model and physics are great, I have never driven any similar car, but I think that is very realistic. The crashe are in the arcade style so when you hit something you continue untouched. For better feeling you can connect a steering wheel. Probably, you have to set up it but for that feeling it's worth of the time. Great graphic, great game, great fun.

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RaceRoom - The Game RaceRoom - The Game RaceRoom - The Game RaceRoom - The Game RaceRoom - The Game

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