Fruit Jamba

Fruit Jamba

A lot of fruit is waiting to be grouped and matched. Crate three of the same kind, collect various types of fruit and gain points for the progress. There are more than 100 levels.
Fruit Jamba takes you on a tropical island with many fruits which must be moved, connected and matched into the groups. Of course you have to fulfill some goals and tasks to progress. It’s all about collecting certain type of fruit. You can use skills and powers of few animals. If you group certain type of fruit twice in the row you get a power up. If you continue you get more and more. These power ups are different and each animal has its own. It depends how many animals you have already unlocked. There are even boosts but they are mostly available only through microtransactions. To be hones I didn’t have feeling that I really need them. The lives are refilled in some time and collecting starts unlock more rewards. Thanks the number of levels the game can last very long. Yes, it’s another match-3 game but with great gameplay. Just get over the slower beginning.

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Fruit Jamba Fruit Jamba Fruit Jamba Fruit Jamba

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