Coconut Queen

Coconut Queen

Would you love to become the queen of an island? All the wishes would be done by muscular guys, your home would grow and the only think to bother with would be doubling the money you gain?
The player may decide if he wants to play immediate game or try the tutorial to learn. Every level is about fulfilling several tasks in one moment. It’s necessary to make and do everything in the time limit. For the building part you need material. The money can be got from the rent of the bungalows and cottages. The more stars some building has the more money flows from the rent. There is much more various things to make and create but all turns around the main building – your hotel. To make things faster just hire more workers. The game has nice graphics, the levels are nicely difficult.

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Coconut Queen Coconut Queen Coconut Queen Coconut Queen Coconut Queen Coconut Queen

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