Do you have favorite music video on the You-tube. Then you can play it on Face-book too in the Guitar Hero style. Listen to your favorite music and play along in real time. After a long time this piece represents finally something interesting for gamers.
Simply put a You-tube and Face-Book fusion in music. In search menu find your favorite song and then conversion into game format takes place. Start play. A video feed from You-Tube is visible in the upper part of th screen, but you should better watch the lower part of the screen, where you can see color coded keys to stroke the guitar controls. Thanks to swift tempo you must quickly punch the right keys, which creates decent entertaining game session.
Three levels of difficulty are available and hard is for really a sweat for your agile fingers. Successful markings yield points and chain combos collateral reaction for bonus points. Watch a side bar, which lowers as you cripple your play. When empty, game over. Be prepared for failure, some songs are pain in the ass. You may invite your friends for a challenge. Controls are fully customizable. Enjoy.

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i don't want to play on facebook. i want to play in a google+.

jade | 01.04.13 am30 05:54

whats up

allan | 04.01.13 pm31 16:38

o tube hero não pega no meu


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