Fruit Fever World

Fruit Fever World

Hmm, juicy match-3 game with a lot of fruit is here right now. Logical harvest to train your brain.
Yes, we have another popular match-3 style game. In the game area are various types of fruit this time and by moving them or other objects you try to making groups of three or more of the same kind. Each level has certain goal to achieve and with limited number of moves you get some challenge to beat. As always more obstacles appear, for example you have to create special objects or destroy all places with slime.

You collect stars and with enough of them you unlock boosts but more can be only bought for in-game money or through microtransactions. However you aren’t pushed into the shopping. The number of games is limited by the lives and if you don’t have any you have to wait.

Generally, this game is a standard among other games of match-3 genre. So it will satisfy any casual or fanatical gamers.

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Fruit Fever World Fruit Fever World Fruit Fever World Fruit Fever World Fruit Fever World

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