Pudding Pop

Pudding Pop

Connect puddings of the same color. It’s an addictive Facebook game based on the popular match-3 principles.
One sweet adventure awaits you. There are various puddings in various colors and you can get rid of them only but searching for the same colored ones. You can match them in any direction so it shouldn’t be a big deal to find the right group. But it’s good to know that the bigger group you get the more points you get. And that’s one of the main goals to progress. But mostly you get a secondary task as destroying all chocolate desks, lollipops or getting down ice lollies. Yes, the tasks aren’t too original but it’s part of this style. The problem is, that you have only limited number of moves, so with more obstacles to face and getting rid of the goals create some tough challenge. Oh, and to get into the next floor with levels you need to collect keys. They are given for points so try to make the levels in 100%

As you go you will unlock various power ups which can be bought for the in-game money. The number of games is limited by hearts you get and every failed level means losing one. The game may not bring anything new but it’s generally fun.

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Pudding Pop Pudding Pop Pudding Pop Pudding Pop Pudding Pop Pudding Pop

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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