As little kids, we often played with chalk and blackboard, where we painted the gallows and hope that we can finish the hanged man, if friends can not solve, exactly what word we thought. The same will be performed here, without chalk and blackboard, but with a keyboard and monitor.
Everything happens just like we used to do it in childhood. At the imaginary part of the blackboard is written the word piece, sometimes you guess straight the whole word thanks to it. In addition, you can use hint, describing the word. Most words are very simple and even beginner has a chance.

Under the gallows hill, then you will see a number of dashes, which come in the letters that you have already tried, but your words do not fit. Will you then serve as a help, you should not use them several times and so do not loose progress or the points.

If a letter matches, it is instantly filled in. Of course, all the instances, do not worry that you have to guess also how many times is included. Beware of failure, if you fail more than three times, there is reason to fear that the level ceases and you won't be able to compete with your other friends, which of course you can best. If you succeed and finish the word we thought, hear the hilarious applause and you progress further.

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