Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen

Welcome in the magical kitchen. Throw all the needed ingredients in the right amount into the pot and show some magic to reach the next round. It’s a fine match-3 game with many levels.
The game area is filled with magical vegetables and by moving them you are trying to create three of the same kind groups and so gaining them. Each level has different challenge and you can always see how many of each kind you need to collect. You face problems as limited number of moves or time limit. It’s a nice combination of time limits and using your brain, making the game last for a long time.

There are even some nice obstacles making the game more challenging, prepare for some big bosses as well, you have to defeat them in the end. There are bonuses making your struggle easier too but you need to buy the mostly. On the other hand you aren’t pushed into shopping and you will be able to last with just your skills in the game. It’s a good match-3 game with a bit slower beginning but with so many levels you will get a lot of entertainment.

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Magic Kitchen Magic Kitchen Magic Kitchen Magic Kitchen Magic Kitchen

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