Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Live one big match-3 adventure. Collect fruit and vegetable, plan your next move and show your raccoon who is the match-3 king.
From the first moment it’s clear we have classic match-3 fun here. Progress from one level to another and according given tasks you have to collect enough number or products. As you get higher new and new types arrive and some squares will be frozen or locked. Now take into account that you have limited number of moves and without some thinking and planning you can fail hard. It often happens that you win the game in the last move making your nerves shake.

The strategy is important on a different level as well. To collect enough carrots, onions or apples, you have to make higher combinations then three of the same kind. Making bigger lines and groups the pieces around get increased value so with the right moves you can collect much more points.
Sometimes and evil raccoon appears and this creature must be destroyed. The objects harming the raccoon are marked so once again, you have to plan.

Don’t underestimate your score. You need some for the progress and for some nice number of points you will be rewarded by beans which work and currency for bonuses shopping.

The friends part is only about sending lives and unlocking new groups of levels, just classic.
Comparing this game with other the graphics is much better making you feel that spring is here. However, the biggest negative is number of lives and their refilling, especially when some levels are really hard to beat. So waiting half an hour for the next try is quite boring.

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