Moshling Rescue

Moshling Rescue

Save all the creatures in this match-3 game. Various challenges and super fun is not only for the fans of this logic style.
Match-3 games belong among the most popular ones and this is another well-made piece so every fan should try it. You get into the world of strange creatures and they need your help. Every level is about a level filled with these animals in different colors. Move them and try matching the same together, this make the main guy move into a house or you get to it through unbreakable bricks. Creating bigger groups you create special stones making the struggle easier. Later, the game offers more challenge in more obstacles, for example different monster appear and they block more stones. Sometimes, you can only destroy certain type of monsters.

There is always limitation in moves, so you have to think and plane twice before acting. It’s all about a nice graphics and good challenging gameplay.

The classic match-3 entertainment is here and it’s still the good addiction. Plus goes for a lot of levels with the promise that more will arrive.

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Moshling Rescue Moshling Rescue Moshling Rescue Moshling Rescue

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