Happy City

Happy City

Build your city has had been the opportunity many times. Now you can play another of the simulation, which immerses you into the role of builder. What can you expect? The new houses, colors, decorations and of course the earnings associated with additional construction. Build a city, which is unprecedented.
Trinity houses that you see when you enter the game, will surely stimulate ideas and positive charges, as your small town has expanded. Before you do this, however, note that there is green mark around. Click on the houses and then collect money that you earn. Only then, check out the store, because the more money the better buys.

The first levels are not too favorable for the greatest achievements of what the game offers. You have to work through them with continuous hard work. But something you can do. In addition to several types of houses you can also buy parts of the road. Surely it is not just about open space and grass. Create your street, what you like. Do not worry, the road isn't expensive,it will cost you about ten gold.

When you get tired of building houses, look into an icon marked with a pink tree. Here you can take a ride all lovers of ornamental trees and flowers. Plant bushes around houses and gardens, if only because all the visitors to feel the atmosphere of comfort and home. You cannot build yet entertainment facilities, but you can at least enjoy them.

The game has a sound system, but if you don't like the music for some reason, you can turn it off, which is appreciated by many of you who are playing and doing something else. The graphics is very well crafted, but many of the icons could be bigger, because they draw excessive amounts of detail, so the player can lose concentration on them.

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Happy City Happy City Happy City Happy City

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