PGA Tour Golf Challenge

PGA Tour Golf Challenge

Dust off golf clubs within the chamber, collect rolling balls and find a victim to carry this giant bag of clubs. Or do we play this game in a luxury 3-D graphics and challenges at every step, and show our art to get the ball it hole.
Unrivalled the best looking golf game I have tried on Facebook. If in the future they intend to publish more titles in this direction, then we have something to look forward.

The game offers several modes, but allow me to be mostly mentioned the PGA Tour Seasons - then that, which is most important.

As a second-rate golfer tour events, where you try to get one of three cups. This allows you to advance to the next tournament. Each tournament is determined by the number of holes and the total number of strokes that you need to play all the holes. If you don't fit in the total number, the game informs you, you may finish a round, but then you must happily repeat it.

You earn experience and money for the strikes, if they are long or accurate and completed the tournament.

Theoretical sauce where, what and how to achieve enough, now the actual content. The player is surrounded by two prominent icons. The first means stroke. The second aim and you can work something out. The first is distance. From the range of clubs that you have available, select a specific distance. Logically, that did not fit the ball into the sand and water, but pretty on the green. The number is limited and you have to buy them. You can also play with basic, but with better you increase the types of attributes such as strength, accuracy and spin.

Once you reach the green, coming quite difficult and unpleasant phase of the putt. Here has the most effect your ability to aim, since the addition of another fight with the wind that always deflects the ball from the ideal path. This is the aspect that really needs a skill ... and steel nerves.

So you did not think it's too cool, you have a limited number of missiles - ten is the maximum, cooldown in six minutes. Fortunately, the current round can be saved and you may come back to it when you restart.

Would it not be a Facebook game, if your golfer did not go to buy clothes and accessories. Personally, I advise to invest in advanced equipment, golf clubs and balls to improve your attributes, as well as training. After each tournament played your train level decreases with attributes.

The graphics are amazing, and I would rebuked two things. Number of ten strokes is just too little where the game lands on you, you will be back every hour and finish strokes, not otherwise. The second thing is rather slow progress. Of course, everything can accelerate through micropayments (purchase additional strokes, etc.), but I do not accept it. Therefore, I advise patience as with the game itself, but also in going to higher levels. Finally, anything you nowhere pursues, golf is a relaxing game.

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PGA Tour Golf Challenge PGA Tour Golf Challenge PGA Tour Golf Challenge PGA Tour Golf Challenge PGA Tour Golf Challenge

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