Pool Master

Pool Master

Oh the green, green billiard table and that small cue chalk I do not know what for it is because I rarely play pool. Thanks to this game I can get some imagination that I could beat, for example, Ronnie OSullivan, Mark Selby and others. Do no think it is any simulation with some tricks and long aiming. This time you must pot all the balls as quick as possible.
I really enjoyed this arcade type. On the table you have only solid and one black. In this game you must pot all as fast as possible and you should begin with the black one. Why all is about points and the black give you the multiply bonus. Some gives you special bonus or few more seconds.

In this hustle and speed you must handle the game well because any waiting is not recommended. Be careful not to pot the white one or you lose 300 points and that is a lot.

If I have praised the control now I have to give a small minus. After you you mark the ball you want use, make the right angle and there goes hit. Sometimes it happens that between aiming and choosing the strength the mouse slides down and all is lost. The graphic is great and game is for abreaction.

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Pool Master Pool Master Pool Master Pool Master Pool Master

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