FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2

Somebody hoped, somebody believed and million players play this excellent game. FarmVille is back and everyone who love growing plants and digging in plant-beds get fertile and long hours of entertainment.
The original FarmVille was something like a landmark for Facebook fun. However, it was a very simple concept – you seed plants on your fields, make your farm lager and better for the money you get and try more special plants. With many bonuses and special content the players get extremely addicted and many other games have been very influenced by this original.
The time is right now for the sequel of FarmVille, welcome FamVille 2.
The core content of the game hasn’t been changed, of course. Jump into the soil, seed, plant and harvest after some time. The variety of the plants is huge and with higher level you get more and more things to grow. The energy is represented by drops of water which are used for watering your world. The water is filled in time but you can get more drops thanks the bonus well. And of course the friends can send you more, many more. Let’s move to the livestock. FarmVille 2 offers nice range or animals that must be fed. The food is made from gathering stock of vegetable and fruit. Feeding an animal gives you different resource and so we are approaching to the crafting.
From a certain level you get a crafting house unlocked. As you climb more level more and more items can be made by combining the material and resources from the farm and milk, eggs and other stuff from the animals. The made items can be then sold for much higher price.
The quest part isn’t omitted and their fulfilling motives a lot for the further playing and unlocking more space for your farm.
And there is much more content. The number of animals is bordered by a trough so you build next. Harvest from trees and fertilize your or friends’ fields, you can even build huge number of decorative items and structures. I preferred to invest into more farming space for increased income. After some time, the fauna gives you more experience and money. Let’s return to the friends aspect. They send you various resources for buildings or items to expand and you can ask them to help on your farm showing them what needs harvesting.
The graphics is absolutely somewhere else then in the original game so I can only recommend you the game. The bugs and small lags have been put away and everything is nicely fluent.

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