Serf Wars

Serf Wars

Building and creating your own kingdom needs some servants who work for you, army that fights for you and inhabitants with enough land. How? Start working, building, training or playing a fine mini-game.
The basic activity is the building part. There is nothing else to do when you have nothing. The first steps are through quests, this contains first fighting as well. The first constructions contain barracks for creating soldiers, smith and training place. Besides the army, you must look after the population by building houses and food production on the fields. These buildings enable development and unlock new things which can be re-obtained for some real money. This folder offers rich possibility of decorations and ornamentations. But there are mini-games as well. You can try few things that are unlocked by some concrete buildings. Play Snake, match-3-game and other stuff form the classic style. You can even show the best score three times per day and get some bonus experience and money. The more mini-games you can play the more you get.
One strong part of the game is fighting. You produce soldiers into groups, but next are unlocked only through your friends. But even with only one solider the game gets playable for some time, especially upgrading certain buildings unlock two new types. Upgrades are easy done. The strength can be increased by crafting new items and resources, so there are many things to entertain. The fights happen on the map in special locations. All is automatic, only the formations and giving weapons is in your hands.
I have problem with few things. The first is quest – only few appear and they serve as tutorial. The stereotype appears as well, it’s probably because the game is just standard. When I forget on mini-games, fights, I soon lack of motivation to return back.

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Serf Wars Serf Wars Serf Wars Serf Wars Serf Wars Serf Wars Serf Wars

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