Idle Worship

Idle Worship

Hmmmm, who wouldn’t love to be a god for a moment? Oh, don’t raise your hands everyone, you all can try it. Where? For example in Idle Worship with several muddy guys, rich activity content and very original fun.
Do you wish to do some good miracles and things making your followers hide and shake under a table? All is possible. Idle Worship comes with a very original topic, brand new system and huge amount of laugh and entertainment.

As the right god you need own nation of people who won’t get too angry even when you throw somebody in a volcano. The nation is formed of mud people. They may look different but they act and behave as any normal person. They need buildings for living, sleeping and having their own family. The most basic activities are done by them – cutting wood, catching fish, giving you bonus energy and power. But the more powerful moments are in your hands.

Ok, so we have here some basic city management with really top and great activities when you cast some spells and miracles, good and bad. There are literary tens of types and kinds, for example making the trees grow. When you have enough money you can buy new miracles. The best part of this is that every powerful show has very specific animation and result, making you smile most of the time.

Another big plus of the game is that all happens in real time. Let me tell one thing that can normally happen. One friend gives you a present by placing it on your island but before you get there and take some “visitor” steals it because he can. You can do the same and much more then taking things. Show your powers and help your friends or make uneasy times for your foes. It’s really up to you. The “need X friends” thing isn’t so big here, hurray. But ok, there is one thing I didn’t like too much. The energy you need for most moves and activities decreases very but very quickly, it’s almost eaten by some kind of acid.

Idle Worship is a showcase of unlimited possibilities, huge number of objects and fantastic animation filling and satisfying the social aspects of gaming. After several days of gameplay, exploring and finding out what can be done you realize that you are well entertained and cannot stop playing.

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Idle Worship Idle Worship Idle Worship Idle Worship Idle Worship Idle Worship

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