Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble

This one is a time-management game where you will have busy days serving hungry customers. Move to the stove and other kitchen appliance and don’t make them wait.
The dream of this girl is to have mobile bistro. Making some money means fast and strategic process of cooking. Every round contains a task to make certain amount of money for the progress. Therefore you have to cook and make dish or meal according the customers’ wish. So how do you do it. Every type of characters arrives with some certain need and you have to cook it as fast as possible. You have all needed so just quickly combine ingredients and process. Customers arrive in big numbers and their patience goes down so think twice what’s good to throw on pan, bowl, mixer, etc.

With this comes big variety of kitchen appliances which can be bought between the levels and of course ingredient which are combined into semi-products for the final dish. The processes of making food changes and are hard to remember with the big number of recipe so it’s nice you will see what to do over the customers’ heads.

Server certain number of customers and do it in time. Unlock new things to buy. This game is fun but you won’t get far without friends, they can help you to get into the next levels and send you needed ingredients. Plus for fine graphics making you hungry.

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Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble Kitchen Scramble

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