Angry Birds Transformers – Forget the slingshot, cars are here (93 %)

Angry Birds Transformers – Forget the slingshot, cars are here (93 %)

Rovio, the Finland game studio, isn’t too unknown thanks the Angry Birds series. But they have made several other games as adventure Tiny Thief or a very addictive retro game RETRY. Ok, their biggest success is the birds looking at you from advertisements, shopping cars and internet. Rovio is still developing their brand offering more interesting games and genres. The newest game joins the racing, platformers and RPG games. Angry Birds Transformer – What is new her?
It may look like hard to combine thing, on one hand you have the notorious birds and on the next one there are 80s robots turning into cars. This crazy combination became reality. Get ready for transforming birds into strong robots. It’s original for sure.

Game principles
You travel from islands to more islands with mission on them. There, you have to get through the levels and shoot down as many enemies possible, yes, the pigs return again. They will hide in various constructions so aiming is really needed. Every material has different characteristic so using your brain is not bad idea as well when finding the weak spots. Exploding boxes, coins and more unique enemies aren’t missing this funs as well. They can even fly or shoot at you.
The whole thing is put into really nice graphics and style especially with the pretty cool bonus material and news. I’m speaking about the angry transformers birds which are unlocked as you progress.

Robo-birds and rewards
After every level you gain some reward in coins and collectable pigs, they are needed for unlocking new characters. Gained experience is used for unlocking new areas where you continue the battle. So what’s about the fuzz around the birds? Each known bird is combined with some transformer making them look really cool. Each has specific skills, fighting style, weapons and a special attack. You can even upgrade them to increase their armor, strength or longer car period. This costs money of course but there is a lot of them, so don’t worry. It’s only a pity that you cannot improve more than one transformer at once. Cool is that you can change the used car during a level to be able to avoid some new danger or pass a new challenge.

Social part and microtransactions
Friends can be invited and their help will be needed. The game offers your one buddy who can help you to beat the enemies and the right moment when they will appear is up to you. The game is really for free but cool downs, speeding up upgrades or unlocking some sooner costs special crystals. All is still between the borders as the authors don’t push you into these things. The crystals can be even gained for accomplishing achievements or collecting them for free.

Worth it?
It’s really a nice 3D shooter combining the angry birds and transformers. Autobirds go fighting and you will have a great fun. There is no energy and you have to wait for cooldowns or armor and you cannot choose characters for each level but the rest, especially gameplay, are fine. It’s all about combining the classic angry birds shooting with action.

Get the game here.


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 13.11.2014

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