VS. Racing 2 (88 %) - v jednoduchosti arkádových závodů je síla

VS. Racing 2 (88 %) - v jednoduchosti arkádových závodů je síla

VS. Racing 2 is racing game with some fine cars, 127 tracks and 10 vehicles. The huge main campaign is joined by good multiplayer and you can finally play something for a long time Opening and the rules
Simplicity is power here. You just control a car trying to finish to the third place, defeat some time or destroy all the opponents in every level. Gaining stars unlock new levels and you can progress. Generally, it’s very simple and addictive arcade racing with more stuff than it seems.

The single campaign contains up to 127 races. You progressively get through, unlock new areas, tracks and goals. One you have time attack mode, sometimes you have to finish to certain position and you have to even drift or attack other racers. AI isn’t so bad here, every curve can be important and upgrades should be bought as soon as possible. Yes, money is part of the game and you improve or buy new vehicles or tune them up.
The controls are really good here. You can choose from several control modes and all variants are satisfying, so it’s up to you what you prefer.
Gaining enough money for the upgrades takes some time and some are available only for diamonds, special currency and you won’t make too many through achievements. Sometimes, the ordinary are enough.

The on-line racing work mostly as time attack mode. You choose a race, set the time and wait for the opponent if he beats it. If you are the one trying to beat the time, you will see the ghost car of the other player. You will see notifications if you time was beaten or if you have a challenge pending in the queue. It’s possible to have open several duels and you just keep an eye if some needs your attention.

The result
It looks like a simple arcade racing but if you come closer you find out the content is pretty solid and you get all what is needed for good fun – upgrades, new vehicles, a lot of tracks. The motivation to continue playing is present and with the multiplayer you can be entertaining for a long time.
The only break here is the game energy but with some friend you can get it back. For example you finish a race, ask friend and continue playing. Great gameplay and lot time fun.

Game VS. Racing 2 can be downloaded here.


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 30.10.2014

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