Basketbalový nářez, který potřebuje doladit - 79 %

Basketbalový nářez, který potřebuje doladit - 79 %

This really good game is something for your Android phones where you try to make a great team to defeat all the opponents. Improve your players and lure the biggest star ever. It’s a nice mix of strategy and getting involved into the matches as well. Before the matches begin…
All starts with creating your own team but don’t hope for some long and tiny work. You just choose name, style and jersey colors. It’s even possible to connect the game to G+ or Facebook to gain some bonus thumbs from friends. There are two modes to choose from – carrier is about playing against better and better teams and multiplayer to face other players.

Matches and rewards
Choosing and mode doesn’t affect any match in its style. There are two phases. The first is more or less automatic, in one moment you choose a player for your brave five players and the same thing is done by your opponent. The team with higher stats wins duel and points are rewarded. With the second phase you get more control. You get on the ground and with the first person view you have to solve different situations. Take the ball from the opponent, pass to your player and score if you can. Success means getting more points but if you fail the points are given to the opponent. You have to think in the both phases and timing is essential as well.

Players list and planning strategy
As you play you get new players. Scoring and fine game activity is rewarded with new faces but they are poor at first. You can sell them later and get better and better players. Each player has his own stats and fusing them together may improve them as well. Attack and defense points rise and you get chance to face or even defeat stronger opponents, if you choose the right strategy. If you have special cards and enough points you can get your players on a brand new level as well.
By the way, strategy is the essential aspect of the whole game. Each players has own abilities in attacking and defending. This means you can use stronger players without key ability or risk weaker one with the thing you need at the moment. Choosing defender or striker may be deciding point as well.

Card decks and microtransactions
There are 3 types of decks which can be bought for golden coins and fan points. The fan thumbs can be gained only in the multiplayer and the decks from these points mostly contain ability cards to evolver the players. The players decks can be obtained only through golden coins, it’s a long path but not impossible. For each successful match series you get 50 coins, or you can get them as a reward for watching and advertisements. Or pay for them.

The negatives
It looks really wonderful so far, especially the multiplayer tests your strategy and skills. You move up and the rewards are pretty cool. But the game isn’t perfect. Energy is plenty full but the game feel unfinished in certain areas. So far only the first region is available in the carrier so after one day you may finish the whole thing. Getting into the tournaments is sometimes impossible and you feel stranded.
The game has a great potential and can truly entertain when combining many aspects motivation you in playing. But until a new update arrives unlocking more areas and fixing the rate of unstable events and multiplayer you may feel the game is only average.

The game can be downloaded at Google Play.


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 06.11.2014

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