Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends

Oh, Angry Birds will never disappoint. You can play them at PC, on mobile phone devices, iOS, sitting on the toilet, and now on Facebook. It’s been just question of time but can it take your attention?
The Facebook version surprises, it’s great fun with minimum limits. You have three worlds, let’s say campaigns, with 150 levels together. It has huge content and... what? Some our readers don’t know Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is the most downloaded and played casual game of the modern age with great and simple principle. You shoot birds from a sling trying to hit various targets made mostly from pig heads. The heads are the main thing but the points liking players may try destroying the various things and materials around as well. As you progress you get various birds into hands. For example one explodes, another throws and egg as a bomb or one can penetrate better. And that’s all my friends, it’s simple and entertaining.

The same thing appears in the Facebook version. Get through and beat 150 levels and beat your friends in the score, if possible in every world and round. This may push you into using powerful bonuses (showing the line of the shot or stronger sling make miracles) which are very limited and if you wish to lead the list of player be prepared for some expenditure. However, when you don’t need the points feeling just play it as a FREE game.

For extending the playability and improving gameplay there is possibility to join tournaments. There, you again try getting as many points possible in few special made maps. The bonus players will become kings. Collections can be made from feather, but only if you play really well.

The technical part? Have you ever played original Angry Birds? If yes then you will be feeling like at your home. The other players will like it anyway, the destroying content and core of the game is just too much fun. Personally I played only few games with the angry birds but this thing entertained me well. Graphics, sounds, gameplay and content all is as good as original.

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Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Friends

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