Vector The Game

Vector The Game

Run, jump, climb and try getting to the finish before the pursuer does so. That’s what is this dash through a city is about.
You are finally free but at what cost? You have to run and get over obstacles in high speed and big tempo. Few mistakes are survivable but when the enemy gets in front of you the game is over and you begin again.

The game is based on the very famous parkour styled fun where you jump and run over objects in your way. This means not only jumping but sliding and climbing in quickly paced moves. Sometimes, you can choose from two paths. The longer and more difficult jumps are mostly about good timing and estimation.

Jumping and combination of several jumps can slow you down but it’s not game over and repeating the level threatening. When running you can collect points and coins that can be sued for shopping more tricks.

This part sounded very nicely but the reality is very different from nice. At first, it’s very expensive. And the bought tricks are hardly where to be used. You can show them on special places and marks if you have unlocked them but the most entertainment is only the running part without any special effects. The other thing I really don’t like is the number of levels. The game looks to be still in development, with quite fine group of levels but unlocking them is about having a brutal number of stars from the levels before, almost every star. Good game but only for a short while.

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Vector The Game Vector The Game Vector The Game Vector The Game Vector The Game Vector The Game

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