Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain

Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain

Small Samurai went to the big world and must face many obstacles. Help him to overcome great and especially deep divides, skirmish with enemies of the animal kingdom as well as those belonging to the land of dreams. Can you get to the next levels without a major injury?
Controls is not too complicated. Move using the arrow keys. Samurai has a single weapon, namely a sword. How else? This can cut with the key A. However, it is necessary to approach as close as possible to the target, so you can hit with the tip of the sword. Otherwise, the sword is not effective. But do not worry - the enemies are not too strong to be able to hurt you on a larger scale. Much worse are the mechanical barriers.

These include, for example, sharp spikes, which at regular intervals are surging back and forth. You need to jump over it because you cannot run over even with the best of intentions. Attention! Spikes really deduct very many lives, you may need in other places. Life line is located in the upper left corner and is decorated in yellow.

What is a little complication, the jumps. They are not too long, so when you jump over longer distances, it may happen that you won't make it, which is fatal to the samurai. Once dies, begins again from start, and it is unpleasant information. Along the way you should collect as many gold coins as you can.

The game can be made more interesting, when you neutralize all enemies and remove barriers in the form of barrels, if you want call it boxes. These can be removed completely as well as enemies, thanks to chopping sword. Just that something is happening, is indicated by a red color that the subject will be illuminated.

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Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain Lanang Adventure - Ice Mountain

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