Go Go Adventure

Go Go Adventure

We have experienced many things in the arcade games. But that level was squeezed on the ball circuit, it was not here long. Help a young boy to overcome barriers and get down to the golden key, which is located somewhere on the surface of small asteroid. Many things await you.
You might think that going over and over again is boring, but the earth is also round and I'm sure that most of us are not bored. Therefore do not underestimate the spherical shape and plunge boldly into the game. The hero is dark-haired boy who wanders the countryside, and his greatest desire is to get the golden key. It is not easy and on the way he can meet all kinds of adventures. Therefore, you must lead him to the objectives precisely.

In addition to mechanical traps, will complicate his life living adversaries. Beware of malicious birds like gulls , which jump back and forth, trying to hurt the boy. Discard them by the jump. Then await spikes, disappearing blocks, etc. Everything can be resolved and the game will always feature some new highlights. Control the boy with A and D keys instead of arrows. You jump using mouse. This control may initially be unusual and the players will take some getting used to it.

After several current levels you meet the boss. His life line you see at the bottom of the screen. He is huge and quite strong. On the other hand, slow, so you can use your skills to neutralize it. In addition to the enemy in the game you will meet stars that wait to be collected and mean bonus to your score.

The freak offers a very engaging variety of traps and obstacles, which the authors squeezed into really small space. Not devoid of originality, there is sound and it is cute. Suitable for all ages.

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Go Go Adventure Go Go Adventure Go Go Adventure Go Go Adventure

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