Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

Poker has many styles and faces and almost every player knows most of the rules. Thexas Holdem is probably the most spread and popular Poker so it’s no surprise you can find a clone on Facebook made by Zynga.
These days, Zynga Poker is one of the most played applications on Facebook and it looks like it will be top in next month as well. 33 million players per day grant you opponents and tables where to play or huge number of tournaments.... all is free of course.

What is Texas Holdem Poker?
For those who don’t know you may find it very unclear. The game is very easy to understand but hard to master.... it mostly takes few years to be good in it. Every player gets 2 cards he can have a look at and the first round of betting starts. If there are 2 players in the game remaining at least next three cards are shown. Then the next round of betting arrives and if there are minimally two players the next card is shown. This happens until the last, fifth card is shown and the last betting round finishes. The remaining players show their cards and the combinations with cards on the table. The best combination wins. Describing the strength of combination would take too much so I recommend reading all the details in the game and learning it through really good tutorial.

What can you win or lose?
Money of course but the difference from the real world is that the gamble is in unreal money with no value and fun. Chips can be get every day (you win them) but the rest is up to you, win or lose. From thousands can be get millions or you can lose the millions in one moment. It happened to me.

What’s different with Zynga?
Probably nothing, Zynga Poker is same or very similar as any Poker you may found of Facebook. But thanks the huge popularity and community is this Poker the most played. This leads to filled tournaments and several events and bonuses. Competing with friends, team battles and Poker mini games are the top cream. I do recommend this game.

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