Jewel Quest Challenge

Jewel Quest Challenge

Show off your 3-match up skill to your comrades and similarly open new areas, discover new objects and game areas. Diamonds everywhere.
You must just love this type of game, or... adore it. Let's see what it has offer. The principle is commonly known and genially simple. Just create groups of similar objects, make chains, gather bonuses and have fun making hundreds of thousands score. Clean whole game-plan to get to the next level. It's easy at the beginning, however later it's is getting harder. The time mercy-lessly ticks and some help may come in handy. This means collecting coins and to form trinity. When you complete basic level, a bonus round opens, where you collect silver coins as much as possible. Compete with friends and accept challenge to best the highest score. Gather experience to unlock more content.

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Jewel Quest Challenge Jewel Quest Challenge Jewel Quest Challenge Jewel Quest Challenge Jewel Quest Challenge

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