Our Domino

Our Domino

Domino - simple pun with dice, which he eventually earned its place in the sun, especially among children. Why should the above not to entertain adults as well? Come and have fun with your friends. You will see that it come to taste and you will not want to retire from the game.
To do this,so you can enjoy the game, you need at least three opponents. In the game you would have to be four or more. Here, however, only and exactly four. Freak you give out the dice. Those will be seven. Each cube is divided into two parts and each part contains these dots from one to sixes, as it is on playing dice.

In the middle of the game-board is placed a cube with both sides identical, the right and left side. Then it's another player turn. Your task is to compose the cube with matching side. So where is the middle of a cube with six, you must place a one that has at least one side of the six. In short, they must be constantly together two identical digits.

It may be, however, that once you have not even one that would be suitable, so you have to let the opponent move. Winner is the one who first gets rid of all lumps. Do not be fooled by a plate, where neither the left nor the right spot, it is not, consider it just the same as if it were for example two ones.

A freak is a very well done both technically, then graphics. There is no sound system, which in this case is not so detrimental, because the sound will not disturb you while thinking. The problem arises only in case when a player leaves the game. It will immediately cease current session and the pun starts finding additional opponents.

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Our Domino Our Domino Our Domino

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