Ruby Rush

Ruby Rush

Collect diamonds and stop an evil wolf. It’s a cool and relax match-3 game for Facebook.
A mole follows one evil wolf escaping through levels. The fun is there especially with the match-3 principles. In every level you have many colorful stones which must be matched with same neighbors and create three of the same kinds at least. You have only limited number of moves so it’s good idea to think a bit. To accomplish all the goals you have to even collect certain kind of stones, this can turn into tough challenge in the late-game.
Power ups are available, you can reshuffle the stones, use dynamite or a pickaxe when you need to move certain stone on a chosen place. The future will brings more special stuff but so far it’s still a good game. Higher percentage isn’t given because the tempo of the gam e is slow. All the jewels fly around until you collect them and the game turns a bit boring especially with bigger combos.

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Ruby Rush Ruby Rush Ruby Rush Ruby Rush

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