Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat

Build your own army base in the middle of a jungle and get fighting against other players. Who has the best army and who can defend?
It’s another Clash of Clans styled game. The tutorial makes you to construct the first basic buildings which will give you the basic material and resources gain. And then it’s all up to you. All building can be upgrades to increase the production and storage. The golden mines or turbines can be built in higher numbers but only according the main building, the headquarters. It’s only up to you what path of development will you choose. The game is simple to control and overview.

When you have enough resources and their production or big enough base it’s time to start creating the army. With the right upgrades you unlock new units and increase the capacity and later you can improve the units as well. Various units and their combinations can beat even the most powerful players and get their supplies.

The fights are part of the main campaign or you search for a target from many other players. The units are then placed on marked place and that’s what makes the game tactical and strategy. This means that you have to put your buildings on smart positions as well to have a strong defendable base. You can choose from canons, towers or walls and they can be upgraded too.

The social aspect is represented by various tournaments and gaining prestige for defeating opponents. Only time limits you in your progression. You can build only two things at the same time and speeding up is only available by paying special diamonds through microtransactions. The early stage of the game is fast and you will get fighting pretty soon.

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Jungle Heat Jungle Heat Jungle Heat Jungle Heat Jungle Heat Jungle Heat Jungle Heat

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