Geo Challenge

Geo Challenge

Refresh your knowledge of geography. Maybe we will be very surprised at how much we have already forgotten, even though the search for states and cities belonged to our favorite activities. Let us therefore enter the traveler paradise, where surely will acquire a lot of useful information. We shall see what reviews we reach ultimately. Let us surprise and boldly board the cruise boat.
At the beginning we choose either a spin around the world, or rather delve into the mysteries and beauties of the United States or Europe.

Whether you opt for any region of the globe, we will be mercilessly confronted with questions regarding the proper marking of individual states, which means that we assign to the right country flag.

For each correct answer you get one green check mark for every mistake we are rewarded with a red cross.

First, the situation is quite simple, since there are not too many flags. However, the higher level their number is growing properly.

If we do not know what to do after a few seconds to help us uncover hints, that will help us with the task.

In another part of the trip we designate natural sceneries and attractions on the map. If you click on an entirely different area, we does not attribute to anything other than a criminal cross. If we get at least close to right field, we get a green check mark.

Our ship sails on, and carries us for another interesting task that is detecting cities. Simply click on a state in the place where the city lies.

Up to fulfill all of the disciplines will be automatic evaluation, which decides our knowledge. On the basis of precise calculations we are then placed into the position of the child's school shoes, the occasional traveler or globetrotter.

The game is full of beautiful graphics design with lots of nice details. Throughout, we are allowed to drift on waves of soft music.

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Geo Challenge Geo Challenge Geo Challenge Geo Challenge Geo Challenge

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