Ranch Town

Ranch Town

Play a little bit as a cowboy, look after the whole ranch. Customize it as you want and manage. For received money you can buy machines, animals and grain.

Very original game, where you must love the graphic from the first moment and the ideas too. You are ranchman and at first you own only few fields and one cow. But soon you grow up plants that the cow can eat and it will start producing milk soon enough.

After some time you can buy new fields and with pickaxe you decide where will be next line. The crop-plants are at first really cheap so the best way is to create as many fields as possible. But not only plants but trees can make money too.

Not to get bored you can visit the surrounding of your farm and maybe you will find some mineral that you can sell. The cattle must be guarded, to have enough food or it will stop giving you what you need. The cattle is very expensive and for bigger numbers you must wait a bit.

If you want to visit the game more often it is good to put it into your list, bookmark it, then you do not need to search in old games. It is very playable game but long too.

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Ranch Town Ranch Town Ranch Town Ranch Town Ranch Town

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