Pauls Farm

Pauls Farm

Although we will take care of in a mixture of only one species of animals - cows, farm lovers definitely come to their game. Buy calves and of these raise adult individuals, who will be useful in the production of milk and most dairy products.
Initially you will have one cow that successfully moves toward adulthood. The authors were generous and gave you immediately the supply of 4000 gold, with which you can buy more calves. In total there you have to start with just five.

Your wards will require two basic needs, namely food and massage. It will not happen often, so do not be afraid to get in the game spent the whole day. It is important to wait until they grew up, because the farm is connected to a factory where they produce dairy products.

In each level you will expand the product range. It will be the only source of income. In addition to calves and food you can buy decorations such as houses. The more there will be, the more comprehensive impression of the farm acts. A freak offers a good sound system, has nice graphics, but unfortunately it can be said that focusing only on one animal species and the type of product may deter some users a little variety.

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Pauls Farm Pauls Farm Pauls Farm Pauls Farm Pauls Farm

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