Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot

The legend of King Arthur, magician Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table certainly knows everyone. Come along and try to build your own Camelot. Can you build a thriving medieval city that will beautify and keep earning money?
Course is not the money itself, what you will pay for construction of new houses. It will focus mainly wood, stone, ore and agricultural crops. All this will pay for new houses that you decide to build. And you really have a choice, that you can be sure. But everything nicely from the beginning.

In the game welcomes you anyone but the Merlin and will tell you that you may use his assistance according to wish of the King Arthur himself. The headquarters is the castle of course. No need to buy a building, it is automatically. You can only upgrade it. Remember that you can build houses only in designated fields, and one time you can only build a single building.

It must wait until the finished one building, and then start another. You level development depends on how quickly you perform tasks called quests. At the top of the screen are placed icons to select your work and shop where you can buy stuff to speed up construction, combat gear or druid blessing.

A freak offers a really great options, you can build, strengthen armor and troops or engage in magic, which will be beneficial in many ways. Pity it is not sounding. There is not even theme, even the sounds as such. But on the other hand, contains a good tutorial for beginners, who are perfectly taken care of.

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Kingdoms of Camelot Kingdoms of Camelot Kingdoms of Camelot Kingdoms of Camelot Kingdoms of Camelot

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