Mini Farm Planet

Mini Farm Planet

Cute pun, which is suitable for lovers of runs for long distance, because there really time goes extremely slow and requires great patience and / or busyness. It is a traditional farm Face-book game. Create your own garden.
The central figure throughout the game is a lamb and then a fox. The sheep will be through you managing garden care. Classically, we have several flower beds and money. The beds of plants, plant just as you like, but well look around for prices of magic fruit. It is quite expensive, so it pays to calculate in advance.

Once you have filled all the beds, there are two options. Either you wait until the plants grow, or use the fertilizer to ensure that you reap the harvest much earlier. The second option, however, has a great hook,that is the crystals. As usual, we have two kinds of currency. Common notes and blue stones. Banknotes you earn during the game easily, you reap the harvest. The crystals are, however, to get much worse. It is good to save them, rather than venturing into recklessly accelerating growth.

When you get to the next level, you will find that in addition to flowers in the garden may also include other things such as paths, waterfalls and various islands. Definitely worth the buy because the graphics are at a level, that at the heart you can feel a great satisfaction. Only problem is their relatively higher price.

As I mentioned, the important role played by sheep and a fox, in addition to them, however you can get into the game other creatures. It will be such as fairies, scarecrows in cabbage or clouds. Everything is decorated in a very nice and original style. I highly recommend for children. Helpers are extremely cute and harvested crops literally hot.

Big minus is a long time. Indeed, the situation here lasts too long interval before bed appears to be a flower of the crop, not to mention the fruit. This is true even for the cheapest. Players take on the boring space, which in my opinion i is not a good strategy.

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Mini Farm Planet Mini Farm Planet Mini Farm Planet Mini Farm Planet Mini Farm Planet

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