Pool Arena

Pool Arena

Do you want to play some Pool? Welcome into an arena where you can show who is the best with a cue.
This one is really a pleasant game of its kind where you challenge other players. The rooms are split according the level of the players so the more player you win the more tables you can choose from with different rewards in wins. This gives you advantage in low risk of losing your chips or tokens if you lose. However, you have always a chance to face an experienced player at the beginning.
The game itself isn’t something new. You have a cue, you aim at two types of balls and the goal is sinking all that belongs to you, black is the finisher. Rotations are available as well. Interesting idea is the possibility to double the money, the opponent must take it or the game is over. This leads to some tactical opportunities to scare the opponent and take the money without further fight.
Begin with a basic cue but you can get some better pieces for in-game money or microtransactions. Honestly, the chips concept isn’t perfect and you won’t shop too much with them and the tournaments entry fee is too high. But it’s fun and the fans will enjoy it for sure.

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Pool Arena Pool Arena Pool Arena Pool Arena

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